Advantages and Storage Method of Rose Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

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Rose buds should be harvested before blooming, that is, when the diameter of buds is 3 times that of calyx, it is the best to harvest them. Excessive preterm birth decreases and late blooming affects the quality. The strong and plump buds were selected in the florescence concentration period, and the petals were picked after the other weak buds were fully opened. At other times, sporadic blooming flowers also need to be fully opened to pick petals.

According to the characteristics of roses, a highly intelligent composite production line is adopted, which uses the combined process of microwave and hot air to increase the recovery and condensation system of cell liquid. The yield and quality of rose varies greatly with different harvesting time. The

rose dryer is an intellectualized production line developed according to the attributes of roses, fully considering the influence of temperature, time and other factors on the flowers in the drying process, and making full use of the advantages of microwave and hot air.

Product Advantage

1. Selecting advanced and mature technology and equipment, selecting famous brand or high-quality famous brand products from national designated factories for main equipment and components, convenient operation, maintenance, reasonable and stable structure, long service life; 2. Adjustable temperature, adjustable transmission speed, adjustable cloth thickness, adjustable air volume, etc.; 3. Ensuring green and pure nature of products, avoiding any pollution. The quality of rose buds (odor, color, pattern and receptacle stretchability) can be maintained to the maximum extent without adding sulphur, chemical colorants, color fixatives and other chemicals, and the yield of dried flowers and evaporation solution can be ensured.

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< p> Therefore, the drying temperature of roses should not be too high (the temperature should be gradually raised in drying process) in order to avoid affecting its color, shape and effect. The rose drying equipment can collect the rose cell fluid while drying the rose, killing two birds with one stone.

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