What kind of drying process is the best for roses?

- May 07, 2019 -

After 7 minutes of microwave vacuum qualitative treatment, the flower temperature rises to 85 C, and then dries at low temperature in hot air for 11 hours. Results The inner and outer layers of the petals were very bright, and the color of the stamens remained very good. The receptacle was yellow-green, and the comprehensive score was the highest in this bud drying experiment.

< p> Microwave vacuum qualitative treatment, because of the rapid heating speed of microwave, under negative pressure, the surface of the flower bud emits faster paint, and the time of flower pattern oxidase in the bud is very short, so the bud can maintain a good appearance. However, due to the high cost of microwave vacuum equipment, it is not suitable for large-scale production, and can be considered as a follow-up development and use of high-quality rose.

< p> Through experiments, it can be seen that fresh roses are dried after qualitative treatment, and their bud shape is good, the inner and outer color of petals are bright, and the color of stamens is good. It is necessary to do qualitative treatment before roses are dried . In addition, the experiment shows that in the process of drying or qualitative treatment, the appropriate combination of microwave will greatly shorten the drying time, greatly improve the production efficiency, and have great value in production and application.

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