Comparison of Several Drying Technologies for Chrysanthemum morifolium

- May 07, 2019 -

This paper mainly studies four drying processes of Qichrysanthemum, including sulfur fumigation, steaming, hot air drying and microwave drying. The contents of chlorogenic acid, quercetin, luteolin and flavonoids in Qichrysanthemum were determined by four drying methods. The effects of different drying methods on the effective components of Qichrysanthemum were compared. The drying conditions of steaming drying method and microwave drying method were optimized by single factor test.

p>1. The content of active ingredients varies greatly with different drying methods. Comparing the four drying methods, the microwave drying method has the highest content of active ingredients in Qichrysanthemum, followed by steaming drying method, blast drying oven drying method and sulfur fumigation drying method. It is suggested that microwave drying method and steaming drying method should be popularized in the processing of Qichrysanthemum.

2. In the process of microwave drying, the microwave intensity and microwave heating time have significant effects on the chemical composition of Qichrysanthemum. The optimum drying technology is to remove impurities from newly picked Qichrysanthemum and put it on the heating plate of microwave drying equipment. The optimum drying time was determined according to the power. The samples of Qichrysanthemum prepared by drying, sulfur fumigation, steaming and microwave drying were stored at room temperature for 3 months. The results showed that the browning reaction of Qichrysanthemum produced by blast drying oven drying occurred, while the other three did not occur, indicating that low temperature drying could not inhibit the activity of mildew.

microwave drying and steaming drying are simple and feasible, with less loss of effective ingredients and good preservation of chrysanthemum color and shape. However, microwave drying requires special equipment and high cost. It is suggested that chrysanthemum should be used according to actual conditions.

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