Roses are dried and sold, making ten thousand yuan per mu.

- May 07, 2019 -

In Mazhai Township, Yingzhou District, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, I saw that in the rose plantation of 10 mu of land, scattered roses were hanging on the branches. In the rose drying room not far away, the villagers are busy picking up and drying the dried roses: & ldquo; the roses are all dried, packaged and sold, and now many businessmen call me for goods. & rdquo;

Technological Easy to Learn

42-year-old Li Wei is the landlord of this rose plantation. To grow roses, first of all, we need to choose the best seedlings. For this reason, Li Wei went to Shandong several times to buy rose seedlings. Now he has carefully selected the varieties he planted. Li Wei happily planted the purchased rose seedlings in the whole field, but found that the survival rate was not high. After that, Li Wei went around, consulted professionals and learned planting techniques. Finally, he learned how to graft roses. In the past, 330 trees were planted on an acre of land, which was too dense. Now, 240 trees are planted, which is just right.

Managing Province

“ In fact, planting roses is very easy, after planting many years do not need to worry about. & rdquo; Li Wei told me that the management of rose planting is extensive, occasionally weeding, returning medicine, applying organic fertilizer once a year, pruning in October, and keeping the height under one meter is much easier than planting crops.

By May and June of each year, roses blossom and Li Wei's & ldquo; Beautiful cause & rdquo; begins. When the flowering season moved, he invited more than a dozen villagers from the village to collect flowers in his field, according to the price of 50 cents a catty, & ldquo; a total of 10 mu of land, about one mu of land, & rdquo; a person responsible for picking flowers and bones is enough, and each person can earn a $780 a day.

has a broad market

planting and picking need not worry about, but drying is very troublesome. In order to produce good roses, Li Wei built a drying room and specially invited a technical teacher from Henan microwave.

“ Rose drying house has invested more than 100,000 yuan in total. Because coal burning pollutes the air too much, the government has restricted coal burning. Therefore, only a slightly higher cost of clean energy, heat pump drying room. The temperature inside should be controlled between 60 and 90 degrees Celsius to ensure that the color of the flower does not fade. & After having a drying house, I also bought the roses planted by the surrounding farmers and then dried them here. I can buy more than 10 tons of dried flowers a year and make a lot of money. & rdquo;

referring to the sales of roses, Li Wei said: & ldquo; OK, they are all sold by telephone. The dried roses are bought directly by the manufacturer. One phone call, someone will buy them over there. When the time comes, the goods will board and the money will be in place. A mu of land can collect 5 or 6 kilograms of fresh roses. A total of 4 and a half kilograms of fresh flowers can be dried by drying one kilogram of dried flowers. Generally speaking, only 2,000 yuan is needed for a mu of land, and the average benefit per mu is about 10,000 yuan. ”

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