Application Prospect of Microwave Drying

- May 07, 2019 -

Drying process involves almost all sectors of the national economy and is widely used in production and life. The purpose of drying is to remove water or solvents from some raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products so as to facilitate processing, use, transportation and storage. The general drying methods are mechanical method, chemical method and heating (freezing) method. These methods either have huge equipment, high drying costs, or slow drying rate and small processing capacity. With the development of science and technology, such as the emergence of new products such as biological products, new materials, advanced ceramics, new high-grade food and new drug products, traditional drying technology and dryer are no longer applicable. Microwave drying technology and microwave drying equipment have been widely used in light industry, construction industry, food industry, agricultural products processing industry and other industries, showing strong advantages. Microwave drying is undoubtedly a new technology to meet the requirements of new products. The drying curve of

< p> microwave is inverse temperature curve, which is very helpful for the rapid and balanced drying process. It can be predicted that the full and rational use of microwave drying technology and equipment will make the drying process a new look.

Microwave technology will be developed in a broader and deeper direction while improving its own technology, methods and equipment, and constantly combining with other drying technologies.

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