How to Choose the Type of Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

At present, there are many kinds of grain dryers on the market. The type of dryer should be selected according to the use and use environment. According to different classification methods, it can be divided into vertical, tower or flat bed type, continuous or batch and cycle type, mobile or fixed vehicle type, downstream, countercurrent, mixed flow type, downstream and countercurrent type, etc. Different dryers have different operational efficiency, operating environment and performance characteristics. Users must first understand the main use and operating environment of the dryer. If it is used for drying corn and other crops such as feed or industrial alcohol, it is better to choose continuous drying tower, because although the drying products of this type of machine are not high, but the operation efficiency is high, especially suitable for large-scale corn drying in Northeast China. At present, the largest drying tower can handle 300-500 tons per day. If it is used to dry wheat, rice and other crops, it is better to choose batch circulating dryer. This type of dryer uses low-temperature drying technology. The grain produced by drying not only has low bursting rate and less broken rice, but also has good color and luster, which is conducive to increasing the value of users'crops. However, the daily processing capacity of this kind of equipment is far lower than that of continuous drying tower, which has certain limitations for large-scale grain processing and storage enterprises. However, with the development of drying technology, the operation efficiency of single dryer is also expanding. At present, 30 tons or even 50 tons of products per batch have been put on the market, and the trend of expanding is continuing. Even the most common 15-30 ton mainstream model in the market can be used by a combined unit, basically meeting the needs of the current grain drying operation. Finally, it should be pointed out that if it is used for drying seeds, it is necessary to choose a circulating machine. Only by controlling the drying at moderate and low temperatures can we ensure that the seeds and embryos are not damaged or destroyed artificially.

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