Application of Air Drying Dehumidifier in Honeysuckle Drying

- May 07, 2019 -

Honeysuckle is a generic term for Chinese medicinal materials and plants. Honeysuckle, also known as Lonicera japonica, is a perennial semi-evergreen twining woody vine of Lonicerae family. & ldquo; Honeysuckle & rdquo; one is from the Compendium of Materia Medica. It is named honeysuckle because honeysuckle blossoms first white and then yellow. Honeysuckle is a kind of honeysuckle in the family Lonicera and its homologous plants with dried buds or blooming flowers. Honeysuckle has long been known as a good antipyretic and antidote. It is sweet and cold and fragrant, sweet and cold and clear heat without hurting stomach, fragrant and transparent can dispel evil. Honeysuckle not only can disperse wind and heat, but also can clear and detoxify blood. It can be used for various febrile and venereal diseases, such as fever, rash, macula, fever, poisonous sores, sore throat and so on, with remarkable effect.

The traditional honeysuckle drying is baked in earth barn, which is poor in quality, inefficient, difficult to control and so on. It can not adapt to the large-scale, intensive and modern development of honeysuckle industry, and can not adapt to the high-quality and fast-paced modern life.

With the development of mechanization, automation and scientific research information technology, automatic and intelligent drying machinery has developed well in recent years. Air-energy heat pump drying equipment is mechanized and fully automatic, which meets the needs of modern social development and changes the traditional outdated drying methods of artificial waiting for firewood, coal, turning plate, temperature measurement and humidity measurement. It is transported on the current market. On the basis of a good dryer, it is carefully designed and improved through combination of theory and practice, which has the highest performance-price ratio in the current market. It can ensure that the drying materials become natural color, full shape, effective ingredients and nutrients are not lost. It is fuller, better in colour and higher in price than the products dried after killing the green. Compared with the traditional brick wall structure, it has better temperature, humidity and volume. Easy to control, controllable, precise control, high degree of automation, no need for special supervision, drying process is all controlled by micro-computer.

Heat pump drying equipment adopts the most advanced balanced dehydration technology, which keeps the internal and external dehydration of materials consistent, so that the material dehydrates at a balanced temperature, and the yield is close to 100%. Heat pump drying equipment adopts scientific baking curve and dehumidification curve, so that the internal nutrients of materials are retained to the greatest extent, the appearance is good, the shape is full, and the market competitiveness of products is improved. And the user can keep the material moisture at will, improve the weight of the drying product on the premise of ensuring the quality of the drying material, which is loved by the majority of users! Honeysuckle has natural color, full shape, no damage to flower pattern, no damage to its natural pharmacodynamics, no loss of nutrients, high degree of automation of the equipment, no need for special care.

Heat pump dryer is a new type of energy-saving dryer with high efficiency. Its working principle is to use a small amount of electric energy according to the principle of reverse Carnot cycle and compressor to evaporate working substance into gas in evaporator after passing through expansion valve, and absorb a large amount of heat energy in air. The working substance of gas is compressed into high-temperature and high-pressure gas by compressor, and then heat is released into condenser. The drying medium can be heated to 40 ~85 ~C by continuous cyclic heating. Compared with the electric heating dryer, it saves two-thirds of the electricity.

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