Heat pump drying process of sausage

- May 07, 2019 -

(1) Isokinetic drying stage of

sausage lasts 5-7 hours. The temperature of the drying room is controlled at 60-65 degrees. The temperature of the drying room should quickly rise to 60-65 degrees within 2 hours after the material is loaded into the barn. The purpose is that the fresh sausage reaches the same temperature inside and outside in 2 hours. During the heating process, it is also a fermentation of sausage seasoning and meat. The process can control the color and taste of meat.

After 2 hours of preheating time, the humidity is adjusted in the range of 45-50%. The wet air is automatically removed from the outlet and heat pump recovers heat. After this stage, the surface moisture of sausage has been evaporated, and the color of sausage has changed from gray-white to light-red. This stage is a turning period. Then the sausage is taken out of the baking room, the head and tail of the sausage are inverted and suspended, and then sent to the baking room. Enter the second drying process of sausage.

(2) The deceleration drying stage of sausage < / P >

takes 15-18 hours. This stage has two chromogenic stages and contraction finalization stage: < / P >

chromogenic stage: temperature is controlled at 52-54 degrees, time is 4-6 hours, humidity is controlled at about 40%. During the chromogenic stage, sausage gradually changes from light red to bright red, and sausage coat begins to shrink. In order to prevent the surface of sausage from forming hard shell, after the chromogenic period, it is necessary to adopt ventilation cooling method for half an hour. The heat pump mainframe stops heating, opens the outlet to discharge hot and humid air, adds cold air, and dries the sausage with cold air. This can make the surface temperature of sausage drop rapidly and cause the internal temperature of sausage to be higher than the surface temperature, resulting in the direction of water diffusion and the gradient of temperature diffusion. Consistently, it is conducive to the water migration from the inside of the sausage to the surface.

Shrinkage setting period: Shrinkage setting period lasts for 11-12 hours. During this period, the moisture content in the sausage continues to decrease, the sausage shrinks obviously, and the appearance is uneven. The overall situation has been determined. In the middle period of contraction setting, the contraction setting period begins for 5-6 hours, and the cold air cooling method is used for half an hour to alleviate the eviation of surface water evaporation and internal water migration. Contradictions, until the end of contraction finalization.

< p> (3) In the rapid drying stage

< p> drying temperature is the decisive factor that restricts the drying speed. In order to strengthen the drying speed, the temperature rises to 60-62 degrees, the drying time is controlled at 22-24 hours, the relative humidity is controlled at about 30%. The configuration of

< p> drying room is as follows: three drying rooms entering fresh sausage are transferred to the rapid drying stage after the contraction finalization is completed, and the early drying stage is changed into the rapid drying stage. Drying time: 20-25 hours. The heating temperature reached 65 degrees within 2 hours of entering the oven. Heat pump unit is selected as heat source for

heat pump drying room equipment . According to the technological requirements of different products, air circulation can choose through-flow, advection, counter-flow and other ways. The hot air entering the drying room every time is dry air, so as to avoid the effect of cyclic humidity on material moisture regain. Hot air is circulated. According to the technological requirements of different products, air circulation can choose through-flow, advection, counter-flow and other ways. The design of automatic dehumidification system can recycle heat and control temperature automatically. It has the advantages of fast drying speed, large output and low operation cost.

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