Development Status and Future Trend Analysis of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry in China

- May 07, 2019 -

(1) Industrial development status

1. Core intelligent measurement and control devices and components have entered the industrialization stage

At present, China's intelligent measurement and control devices and components have made breakthroughs in the key areas of packaging and food machinery, engineering machinery, environmental protection machinery, heavy machinery, printing machinery and other intelligent manufacturing equipment industries, and core intelligent measurement and control devices and components have entered the industrialization stage. Among them, the development of packaging and food machinery is more prominent, but the overall technical level of intelligent measurement and control devices and components is still low, and the key core components need to be broken through urgently.

2. Significant achievements have been made in major intelligent manufacturing complete sets of equipment

Significant achievements have been made in major intelligent manufacturing complete sets of equipment in petroleum, petrochemical, mechanical processing, food manufacturing and other fields in China.

(2) Industrial layout

Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry spatial layout optimization

At present, China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry has not yet formed an obvious industrial agglomeration area, but the characteristics of agglomeration have basically presented. For example, the industrial cluster distribution pattern of intelligent manufacturing equipment in the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Rim and the Pearl River Delta has initially emerged. Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry in the Yangtze River Delta mainly takes Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang as the core areas. At present, according to their respective industrial and technological advantages, the three provinces and cities have nurtured a number of industrial clusters of intelligent manufacturing equipment with outstanding advantages and distinctive characteristics.

Industry Development Trend

In the future, intelligent manufacturing equipment will continue to show the trend of automation, integration, informatization and greening.

Automation. Automation and intellectualization are the important development trends of intelligent manufacturing equipment. The main manifestation is that the equipment can complete the automation of manufacturing process according to the requirements of users, and has high adaptability to manufacturing objects and manufacturing environment, so as to realize the optimization of manufacturing process.

integration. Intelligent manufacturing equipment is developing in the direction of technology integration and system integration. It is mainly embodied in the integration of production process technology, hardware, software and application technology and the complete set of equipment. It is also embodied in the integration of biology, nanometer, new energy, new materials and other interdisciplinary high-tech, so that the equipment has been continuously improved and upgraded, and even profound changes have taken place.

informationization. The integration of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology has brought about tremendous, even revolutionary changes. Sensing technology, computer technology, Software Technology & ldquo; embedded in & rdquo; equipment to achieve equipment performance improvement and & ldquo; Intelligent & rdquo;. The ultimate goal of digitalization, informationization and intellectualization of design and manufacturing process is not only to develop products or equipment quickly, but also to achieve a successful development of large and complex products at one time.

greening. The pressure of resources and energy makes equipment have to consider the whole life cycle from design, manufacture, packaging, transportation, use to scrap disposal, which has minimal negative impact on the environment, high utilization rate of resources and coordinated optimization of economic and social benefits of enterprises. Green manufacturing is the key way to improve the resource recycling efficiency of intelligent manufacturing equipment and reduce environmental emissions.

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