Current Situation and Development Prospect of Microwave Drying Food

- May 07, 2019 -

Microwave drying characteristics

1, sensitive reaction and easy control

By adjusting the microwave output power, the heating condition of materials can be changed instantaneously, which is convenient for continuous production and automatic control, and improves labor productivity.

2, high utilization rate of heat energy, energy saving, environmental protection, less equipment occupation < / P >

microwave heating equipment itself does not consume heat, most of the heat energy (& gt; 80%) acts on the material, so energy saving is generally 30% - 50%; there is little impact on the environment temperature, microwave drying equipment can do a smaller.

3. Low temperature sterilization without compensation, keeping food nutrition and flavor microwave heating has thermal and biological effects, so it can kill fungi and bacteria at lower temperature, and keep the activity of materials and vitamins, color and nutritional components in food to the maximum. Microwave drying combined with hot air drying can improve the efficiency and economy of drying process. Because hot air can effectively remove the free moisture on the surface of materials, and microwave drying provides an effective way to remove the internal moisture, the combination of the two can play their respective advantages to reduce drying costs. Based on the basic principle of microwave drying, the microwave drying system consists of microwave generator, waveguide device, microwave dryer, dehumidification cooling device, transmission system, control system and safety protection system. Microwave generator is a key part of drying equipment. It consists of magnetron and microwave power supply. Its main function is to generate microwave energy needed. Microwave generated by microwave tube is transmitted to microwave dryer through waveguide device without loss. Microwave dryer is the space where material interacts with microwave. Microwave energy is transformed into the internal energy of dried material, which evaporates and dries the moisture in the material. The function of the dehumidification cooling device is to discharge the evaporated water vapor from the object and to ventilate and cool the material. In the microwave equipment for continuous drying of materials, there is also a matching material conveying system. The transmission speed and speed range of the system should be adapted to the technological requirements of the dried materials. They are continuously sent into the microwave dryer for drying, and the dried materials are conveyed out for the next process. The control system can be installed on the microwave generator, separated from the main engine, or centralized on a master console to control the process parameters. Currently, there are many kinds of food that have been successfully dried by microwave at home and abroad, which can be roughly divided into

fruits and vegetables-mdash; & mdash; potato chips, potato chips, spinach, cabbage, tomato, carrot, bamboo shoots, garlic, preserved apples, grapes, bananas, yellow peach, hawthorn, pumpkin, onion, laver, tomato, onion, etc.;

p> meat, etc. Products & mdash; &— mdash; chicken, fish fillets, shrimp, sausage, beef jerk, pork and so on;

rice noodles —

rice noodles —

medicinal materials — & mdash; — — — ginsensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensenOrange Powder and Juice Milk powder, etc.

Agricultural and sideline local products-mdash; & mdash; tea, soybean, peanut, wild vegetable, melon seeds, agaric, tobacco leaves, cereals, rapeseed, mushrooms, kelp, etc.;

other & mdash; & mdash; egg yolk powder, konjac powder, tofu skin, betel nut, etc. The following points should be clarified in the study of microwave drying: (p)

1) not all foods that need to be dried can be dried by microwave; (2) microwave dried food must take into account its economic benefits and make full use of the advantages of different drying processes to optimize the combination; and (3) the development of microwave drying equipment must be closely integrated with the technological research of products. Microwave drying will be regarded as a new high-tech. With its unique heating characteristics and drying mechanism, microwave drying has opened up a new way for food drying and has a wide application prospect. Microwave technology will continue to develop in a broader and deeper direction, while improving its own technology and equipment. The emerging microwave vacuum drying technology, microwave freeze-drying technology and microwave expansion technology will continue to develop in the establishment, perfection and application of theory.

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