Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction-Microwave has been in action

- May 07, 2019 -

Green life is the information of the new century, it guides enterprises to develop green technology and clean production; green life is the requirement of the new century, it encourages politicians to assume the responsibility of sustainable development of human beings; green life is the fashion of the new century, it reflects a person's civilization and literacy, and also marks the quality and strength of a nation.

In recent years, the state and government have devoted themselves to the construction of socialist ecological civilization. Provincial Party committees and provincial governments have promulgated the overall plan for building a beautiful China, taking structural adjustment as the fundamental policy of energy saving and emission reduction, promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, tapping the potential of energy saving and emission reduction, promoting the upgrading of energy saving and environmental protection technology and equipment, and taking reform and innovation as the core driving force of energy saving and emission reduction. A good atmosphere with enterprises as the main body, effective guidance from the government and the participation of the whole society will promote the green cycle and low-carbon development of the economy.

< about the implementation plan of electric energy substitution work in our province < / P >

electric energy is the most clean, safe and convenient secondary energy, which is of great significance to reduce air pollution and has promising market development prospects. Recently, 11 departments such as Henan Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Implementation Plan of Electric Energy Substitution Work in Henan Province (2016-mdash; 2020)" to provide policy basis for promoting electric energy substitution in an all-round way.

The Plan points out that: & ldquo; replacing coal with electricity & rdquo; & ldquo; replacing oil with electricity; minimizing the use of coal and fuel, speeding up the improvement of electrification level in our province, and forming a clean, safe and intelligent new energy consumption mode, which provides strong support for achieving the goal of improving air quality in the whole province.

In 2016, we will improve the supporting policy system of electric energy substitution and start a number of demonstration projects in key areas and key areas;

2017, the work of electric energy substitution in key areas and key areas will be carried out in an all-round way;

2020, the annual capacity of electric energy substituting 6.5 million tons of standard coal for scattered coal and fuel consumption will be formed in the energy terminal consumption link, and the proportion of electric coal in coal consumption will be increased. About 2.6 percentage points higher, the proportion of electric energy in the end energy consumption increased by more than 2 percentage points-hellip; & hellip;

energy saving and emission reduction-mdash; & mdash; microwave has been acting

for a long time, microwave has been adhering to the concept of “ green manufacturing, environmental protection, green research and development, energy saving and emission reduction-rdquo; to achieve efficient waste heat recovery, no waste gas, waste residue emissions in baking process, environmental pollution-free. 。

Wise people responded to the policy call of "Electric Power Replacing Coal", striving to make the greatest contribution to the national environmental protection work, and developed a number of intelligent equipment. Intelligent energy-saving equipment in industrial production, no waste water discharge, no harmful gas emissions, no dust pollution waste generation, has the characteristics of less energy consumption per unit product, high efficiency, low noise, space saving and low cost.

At the same time, the application characteristics of intelligent energy-saving equipment microwave series equipment in food field are more remarkable. In addition to the above characteristics, it also has the advantages of non-polluting food, more sanitary processing environment, changing traditional processing and sterilization technology, and producing healthier, safer and more nutritious food for human beings.

Equipment can realize various modes of centralized control and field control, use programmable program to set different process curves, and automatically adjust temperature and humidity to meet the technological requirements of different materials. The automatic intelligent control production line has the characteristics of simple operation, easy control, visualization and stable operation. At the same time, it greatly improves the production efficiency, saves manpower, reduces product cost and improves product quality through continuous industrial production. Compared with traditional equipments, intelligent energy-saving equipments have more remarkable characteristics: ldquo; high-quality, efficient, clean, energy-saving, environmental protection & rdquo; characteristics, which provide a prerequisite for promoting enterprises to achieve industrial 4.0.

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< p> Scientific and technological innovation leads social development, technological progress promotes upgrading and optimization of industrial structure, and equipment promotes enterprises to realize production mechanization, control automation and operation intellectualization, which can reduce production costs to the greatest extent, improve economic benefits of enterprises, and practise energy saving and environmental protection with intelligent equipment.

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