Market Investigation Report of Dense Barn Equipment

- May 07, 2019 -

Dense curing barn is a new type of curing barn developed rapidly in recent years, which combines with the national conditions of our country. Through continuous test and application, this type of curing barn has high density of tobacco loading, high utilization rate of curing barn and heat energy, forced ventilation, hot air circulation, energy saving and labor saving, which is conducive to the realization of intelligent control and the remarkable improvement of the quality of Flue-cured tobacco.

1. The development and present situation of curing equipment in intensive curing barns

Since the planting of flue-cured tobacco in China, airflow upwelling general curing barns have been widely used, with different historical periods and different tobacco areas. The specifications of newly adopted barns are quite different. In the 1980s, there were certain technical specifications for general barns. By the mid-1990s, with the promotion of foreign exchange and technological research and development, the three-stage baking technology was popularized, which established the universal standardized barn in China and improved the performance of the barn. In the same period, technical innovation for this type of barn emerged in endlessly. Honeycomb furnace technology of heat exchange system and spiral fire pipe, hot air circulation technology of hot air duct supporting part of air conditioning system, alarm of monitoring system and shutdown automation technology were widely used in production practice, and satisfactory results were achieved. However, in the past few years, with the continuous development and improvement of barn performance, dense baking, which represents the advanced baking mode, has been introduced, popularized, applied and developed slowly in China. At present, the use of general standard curing barns in China still accounts for about 95% of the total. The barns are mainly distributed in the following tobacco-producing areas, which are also dense ones:

China's large tobacco-producing areas

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Northeast tobacco-producing areas

Greater Hingan Mountains in the west, Xiao Hingan Mountains in the North, Changbai Island in the East and Bohai Peninsula in the South. The Gulf plain includes most of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces.

Songnen Sanjiang Plain Sun-cured Tobacco Area < / P >

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Southwest Tobacco Area < / P >

is located in Southwest China, including most of Yunnan Province, all of Guizhou Province, Southern Sichuan, Western Hunan, Southwest Hubei and Southwest Guangxi.

Mountain flue-cured tobacco sun-cured area in Western Yunnan

Mountain flue-cured tobacco sun-cured area in Sichuan-Yunnan plateau

Mountain flue-cured tobacco sun-cured area in Western Hunan plateau

Western Yunnan plateau flue-cured tobacco sun-cured area

Western northern tobacco area

from Xiao Hingan Mountains in Heilongjiang to Da Hingan Mountains in the west, along the southern margin of Mongolian Plateau It includes the West and north of Heilongjiang, the west of Jilin, Inner Mongolia, most of Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Tibet, the west of Sichuan and the northwest of Yunnan.

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Southern smoking areas < / P >

including southeastern Fujian, Taiwan, southern Guangdong, southern Guangxi and southern Yunnan < / P >

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Huanghuai Yan District

northern boundaries of the smoking area - Chicheng - Guyang line, southern boundaries of Qinling Huaihe River line, Western boundaries of Baotou - Bichi - Baoji line, eastern boundaries of Bohai Sea and Huanghai Sea, including southeastern Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shandong, Shandong and Shandong. All of them are located in Shaanxi, most of Henan, Jiangsu, north of Huaihe River in Anhui and Beijing and Tianjin.


Central China Tobacco Area

including Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Jiangsu and Anhui provinces to the south of the Yangtze River

2. The prospect of popularization and application of intensive barn

intensive barn has three significant technological advantages compared with ordinary barn in the process of popularization and application.

(1) The baking barn has large capacity, saves baking workers, saves coal remarkably, and greatly improves baking efficiency. The density of tobacco filling in dense curing barn is bigger, and the capacity of the same volume is 2-4 times that of ordinary curing barn. Because of the combination of automatic control technology, the intensive curing barn saves a lot of labor in binding tobacco, releasing tobacco, filling tobacco, heating, smoking and so on, reduces the cost of tobacco curing, and improves the efficiency of curing.

(2) The quality of tobacco curing was improved effectively in the intensive curing barn. The flue-cured tobacco leaves in intensive curing barn are brighter in color, more uniform in color, more rational in chemical composition, more balanced in aroma quality and aroma quantity, better in smoke concentration and higher in formula usability, which can provide basic aroma and basic smoke in cigarette formula.

(3) is conducive to improving the degree of intensification and realizing specialized baking. The popularization and application of intensive curing barn avoids the technical difference of scattered planting and scattered baking. By centralizing professional baking technicians with certain theoretical knowledge and practical experience, the cultural and technical quality of baking technicians can be improved, and professional baking households can be formed. The technology provided by tobacco companies can be realized by professional baking households, which will accelerate the development of tobacco baking in China towards intensive and professional baking. The process of socialization has also explored the way for the socialization of tobacco production technology in China. At present, with the gradual maturity of social conditions and the improvement of technical conditions for the popularization of intensive barns in China, intensive barns will become an inevitable trend in the development history of baking equipment. At the same time, the popularization and application of intensive curing barns accelerated the transformation of China's tobacco production from quantity-scale to quality-benefit, from extensive management to intensive management, and realized the leap-forward development of China's tobacco production, which was conducive to improving the international competitiveness of China's tobacco. Speed up the road of tobacco production in China towards intensification, specialization and high quality, and improve the economic benefits of Chinese tobacco leaves. The popularization and application of intensive curing barns will have an important impact on the sustainable development of tobacco production and the development of national economy in China.

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