These three types of companies have the most prospects in the industrial 4.0 era in the next 10 years.

- May 07, 2019 -

industry 4 will be the first breakthrough in the Internet +

“ the essence of industrial 4.0&rdquo is the industrial Internet. “ the integration of Internet + manufacturing ” this is a revolution of the times, which is subversion and self subversion.

“ Industry 4.0” is a huge concept, its core is & ldquo; Intelligent Manufacturing & rdquo;. It has a tremendous impact on the whole industry of China. Because China is a big manufacturing country in the world, & ldquo; industrial 4.0 & rdquo; not only affects China's economy, but also affects the future development of China as a whole. At the same time, it will affect China's employment, because in the manufacturing sector, more than 80 million people are employed. Second, it affects China's economic exports. Third, it will affect China's military and national defense. Affecting the production, manufacturing, process and supply chain of all our products, it is said that & ldquo; industry 4.0 & rdquo; is subverting the whole production mode of traditional industry in industry. Which types of companies have more opportunities?

Understand as follows:

Category I, Intelligent Factory. It can also be divided into two categories: 1. Traditional factories are transformed into intelligent factories. 2. Intelligent factory is born.

Category II, Technology Solutions Companies. To provide intelligent factories, top-level design, transformation path map, hardware and software integration facilities for manufacturing industry & ldquo; industrial 4.0 & rdquo; solution company, general integrator. In fact, there are 4 million traditional manufacturing enterprises in China. In the next 10 years or even 20 years, they will gradually step by step transform into & ldquo; 4.0 & rdquo; factories. So, there is a huge market here.

The third category is the transformation of China's manufacturing industry into “ industrial 4.0” nine major technology suppliers in the process, including industrial Internet of Things, industrial network security, industrial big data, cloud computing platform and so on.

In“ Industrial 4.0” Solutions, including software and hardware. Software includes industrial Internet of Things, industrial network security, industrial big data, cloud computing platform, MES system, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, support work automation, etc. Hardware robots (including high-end parts), sensors, RFID, 3D printing, machine vision, intelligent logistics, but also AGV, PLC, data collector, industrial switches.

Industry 3.0 to 4.0 has two core symbols.

First, from the container of the 3.0 era to the present express delivery, which answers why the role of express companies such as Shunfeng Express has become immense in the Internet era. In the industrial age, the role of EMS is not so great. Therefore, the core symbol of the industrial era is container, and the core symbol of the Internet era is express delivery.

secondly, from die to data. This is the title of a new book I recently wrote. We know that in the industrial age, Foxconn is the most typical global manufacturing company. As Gou Taiming also said, the mould is the mother of industry, and IE is the father of industry. So, Foxconn and BYD, including Toyota, all take mould and IE as their core key capabilities, which can also be called the industrial age, or the symbol of the 3.0 era is mould. So, in the 4.0 era, according to Alibaba Bamayun, DT is the technology of data. So, the core logo of 3.0 to 4.0 is from die to data. This is a huge industrial revolution, which missed the era of & ldquo; industry 4.0 & rdquo; in fact, it also missed the era.

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