Development Direction and Prospect of Drying Industry in China

- May 07, 2019 -

In order to adapt to the development of modern agriculture, drying equipment should focus on the development of key functional components and dryer system, laying the foundation for upgrading dryer products. The main development projects include dryer system and supporting product series. To meet the customer's key engineering needs, the implementation of advanced dryer demonstration project. The focus of the development of advanced dryers range: fast, high-quality dryers.

The simple economic dryer accounts for nearly 70% of the whole industry, and almost all the middle and middle-grade dryers rely on imports. The structural contradiction is still prominent. For this reason, drying equipment industry should strive to speed up large-scale adjustment of industry and product structure. In recent years, the proportion of domestic dryer < strong> in domestic demand market has increased from less than 30% to more than 50%, and domestic dryer uses more than 60% of its own functional components.

For dryer enterprises, the development of dryer is mainly based on technological improvement, but there should also be some inaction in technological improvement, which can not be repeated. After technical transformation, the ability of dryer enterprises to quickly respond to the market should be improved. According to the principle of specialization and cooperation, we should choose the key points, strengthen the advantages, form our own characteristics, and make the advantages more advantageous so as to expand the market share of our products. Overall, the key breakthroughs in the future industry of drying equipment are to develop large, precise and high-speed dryer equipment, dryer system and functional components, and to change the current situation that large and high-precision dryers mostly rely on imports. Relevant enterprises should continue to develop in these directions through technological transformation.

Our company continuously improves and updates the technology according to our demand for the drying industry. The primary task is to improve the quality of the dryer. At present, we independently develop the dryer to achieve full automation and high precision drying process.

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