How can China's drying equipment industry embark on a benign development path?

- May 07, 2019 -

< P > Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Since the introduction of drying technology into China, the development of drying equipment industry has become more and more intense. Most capitalists only want to share in the drying equipment industry, without considering that the development of the industry needs a sustainable and benign development. At present, there are many drying equipment enterprises in China, with relatively concentrated distribution and relatively backward technology. They are all fighting for the market price war. Some far-sighted enterprises began to research and develop various drying technologies several years ago, instead of just imitating the technology to imitate the appearance. After several years of research and development, some achievements have been made in the field of drying, and its drying equipment is slowly exported to foreign countries. How to make the drying equipment industry develop in a healthy way in our country? This is a question worth pondering. In response to this problem, the experts made some suggestions

Firstly, we should speed up the establishment of the standard system. Enterprises should have high requirements for the quality standards of their products, so as to form a benign development. From the chemical point of view, the work of formulating standards for drying equipment has not been carried out in a large area, and many drying equipment enterprises have not attached great importance to standards. In addition, the standard will regulate the internal management of enterprises, and there are quantitative index constraints in the standard. Drying equipment enterprises should pay enough attention to it.

Secondly, the upgrading of drying equipment structure is relatively secondary. Enterprises should strengthen the awareness that when designing and manufacturing drying equipment, the first problem to be recognized and solved is the combination of equipment and technology, and the equipment structure should be determined according to the nature of materials. The high-end enterprises in the drying equipment industry are all enterprises that can combine the equipment and technology well. They are all enterprises that have a deep understanding of the materials of downstream users. In many cases of equipment failure, we all think that the problem of equipment, in fact, equipment and materials do not match the problem. Therefore, enterprises should attach great importance to the understanding and understanding of downstream user materials, in order to design production equipment. < P > < P > Thirdly, the number of enterprises is not necessarily large, but the enterprises should have a certain scale and technical level. China's drying technology development time is not very long, enterprises in the past have not experienced great economic fluctuations and major industry shuffling, life is able to pass, but also support. The rule of drying industry in our country is that the entry threshold is relatively low, ordinary workers can set up an enterprise, which is also the reason for the large number of enterprises. In addition, downstream users need a wide range of drying equipment, high-end and low-end products are needed, and small and medium-sized drying equipment enterprises also have room for survival. Of course, once the downstream demand fluctuates greatly, small and medium-sized drying equipment enterprises will certainly be greatly affected.

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