Seven Advantages of Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment

- May 07, 2019 -

1. High-efficiency conventional vacuum drying equipment is heated by steam, which needs heating from inside to outside. The slow heating speed needs to consume a lot of coal. The microwave vacuum drying equipment uses electromagnetic wave heating, without heat transfer medium, and directly heates to the inside of the object. The heating speed is fast. 1 kW microwave can heat water at room temperature to 100 C in 3-5 minutes to avoid it. Because of the above shortcomings, the drying cycle is greatly shortened and the energy consumption is reduced. Compared with conventional drying technology, it can increase work efficiency more than four times.

2. Heating is uniform. Because microwave heating is used to heat the material from inside to outside at the same time, the temperature difference between inside and outside of the material is very small, and the inconsistency between inside and outside heating in conventional heating will not occur, resulting in the expansion effect, which is conducive to crushing and greatly improving the drying quality.

3, easy to control, easy to continuous production and automation. Because microwave power can be adjusted quickly and without inertia, it is easy to control in real time, and can adjust the temperature arbitrarily between 40 and 100 degrees Celsius.

P>4. The equipment is small, easy to install and maintain, and does not need to occupy too much space. Microwave vacuum drying equipment is of good quality. Microwave vacuum drying equipment can prolong the shelf life of food, preserve the original flavor and nutrients of food, retain the physiological activity of raw materials, enhance the function of health food, and increase the added value of agricultural products. Compared with conventional methods, the quality of processed products has been greatly improved. Microwave vacuum drying equipment has the efficacy of disinfection and sterilization, and the product is safe and hygienic. Long shelf life.

P>7. The economic benefit of microwave vacuum drying equipment is remarkable. Traditional drying takes a long time, slow speed, high energy consumption and high processing costs. Microwave heating can save a lot of energy and improve the speed of heating and drying. This is because microwave has penetrability. When heating an object, it does not need any media, and it can heat both inside and outside the material at the same time. According to the data at home and abroad, the speed and efficiency of heating materials with microwave equipment is 4-20 times higher than that of conventional heating methods.

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