What are drying kilns and what are their uses?

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: What is a drying kiln and what are its uses?

Drying kiln is a large-scale drying equipment used in industrial production, which is widely used in cement industry, metallurgical industry, wood drying, brick and tile drying, etc. The kiln reaction temperature is higher in the drying kiln production process, so the collection and monitoring control of kiln temperature and other process parameters is an important link to ensure the roasting quality. The drying kiln is mainly composed of the main body of the drying furnace, the drying room, the hot air and steam pipeline, the recovery pipeline, the gate valve and the temperature and humidity meter. The main body of RHM drying furnace is composed of furnace door and hearth, heat exchange system, steam generating device, combustion supporting device, ash clearing port, fan, chimney and so on. Characteristics of

drying kiln:

1, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency and low power consumption;

2, low investment, low drying cost with wood processing residues as fuel, only 1/3 of the cost of steam drying;

3, easy humidification, good heat and moisture treatment effect, uniform air circulation, good wood drying quality;

4, simple operation, easy maintenance;

5, compact structure, compact structure Light weight, portable, independent use and modularization, easy to install, debug

new microwave drying kiln technology

large microwave drying kiln is a unique technology initiated by microwave. It breaks through the technical problem of magnetic field uniformity of room microwave drying equipment and realizes the enlargement of microwave drying box, including atmospheric microwave drying kiln and vacuum low temperature drying kiln, which effectively solves the problem in the market. Special needs of certain industries on the market. If large-scale embryo parts and parts are dried, materials that need low-temperature drying and mass processing and other special requirements are needed.

Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave with penetrating frequency of 30*102~3.0*105MHz and wavelength of 1 mm~1 M. Only specific frequencies are allowed in industrial heating, which are 2450 MHz and 915 MHz in China. Microwave drying technology originated in the 1940s. By the end of the 1960s, microwave drying technology had been used in heating, drying, insecticide and other fields.

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