How to Realize Energy-saving Requirements of Dryers in China

- May 07, 2019 -

< P > Dryer industry is a highly competitive industry. At present, some companies only focus on the immediate results, without any systematic development, which seriously hinders the normal development of dryer industry in China.

But overall, the rapid development of dryers is gratifying, which shows that the mechanical industry has been warming up in some ways. At present, the conventional dryers in the domestic market and the main dryers in the international market are basically made in China, which indicates that the history of import-oriented dryers in China is over.

Of course, in the next development process, the development of dryer equipment should also pay attention to energy saving and comprehensive utilization, such as using various combined heating methods, transplanting heat pump and heat pipe technology, developing solar energy dryer, etc., and developing automatic control technology of rotary dryer to ensure the realization of optimal operating conditions; in addition, with the importance of environmental protection, improving the conversion The environmental protection measures of drum dryer to reduce the leakage of dust and exhaust gas will also be the direction of further research. The innovation of

technology is a major trend of social development, and only standing in the forefront of technological renewal can dominate the market. While enhancing our confidence in development, we should also keep a clear mind, recognize the shortcomings in the industry, learn from each other's strengths to make up for the weaknesses, and gradually make the dryer move towards zero defect development stage. How to achieve "energy saving" in

requires enterprises to develop new technologies with independent intellectual property rights based on market demand, so as to ultimately realize the production of energy-saving products.

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