Brief Introduction of Tunnel Microwave Drying Equipment

- May 07, 2019 -

To know what tunnel microwave drying equipment is, first we need to understand what tunnel is.

Tunnel is a cavern with a cross-sectional area larger than 2_which is constructed for a certain purpose and by any method specified in the shape and size of the tunnel under the ground. It is a kind of engineering building buried in stratum and a form of utilizing underground space. Tunnels can be divided into traffic tunnels, hydraulic tunnels, municipal tunnels, mine tunnels and so on. From the definition of tunnel type, we can probably understand the structure of tunnel type microwave drying equipment. Tunnel-type microwave drying equipment is equipped with microwave device through the top of the tunnel. Then microwave can be fed into the tunnel of microwave drying equipment from the top. Then the transmission belt is driven by sprockets at both ends of the microwave drying equipment. Then the material is passed through the conveyor belt of the microwave drying equipment through the feeding end, just like the concept in the tunnel, to the outlet and then through the feeding system. Charge. Tunnel microwave drying equipment can also be said to be a conveyor belt microwave drying equipment, different terms, the same equipment.

Tunnel microwave drying equipment, but to achieve continuous operation of production, can greatly save labor, the discharge end through the connection of matching material hoist, can further save labor, if docked with other processes, can achieve production line operation.

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