Some Characteristics of Domestic Traditional Melon Seed Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

In recent years, with the increasing demand for agricultural by-products in China, the role of dryer equipment in the industry is also growing. As a new and energy-saving technology, air energy has solved the problems of low drying efficiency and high drying cost to a great extent. Today, we will take melon seed dryer as an example to explain some characteristics of the equipment.

P>1, low operating cost.

P>Because the material jumps along the orifice plate, the contact area between the material and the hot air is increased, thus improving the thermal efficiency and making full use of the steam heat.

P>2. The drying effect of materials is good.

Hot air blows upward from the bottom, playing a buffer role, so the material breakage rate is low, wear is less, and there is no overheating or leakage phenomenon.

P>3, low noise.

dryer can be floating on the floor to work, easy to install and move.

P>4, low cost.

The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, durability and convenient maintenance, no matter in operation cost or cost.

P>5. Automatic feeding device can be installed to form production line and reduce labor costs. At present, melon seed dryer has been widely used in tobacco, fruits and vegetables, medicinal materials, seafood, wax products drying, etc., and is well received by users. Under the dual beneficial effects of the inclination of national policy and the change of the consumption concept of citizens, melon seed dryer will usher in unprecedented opportunities for development, not only to benefit the vast number of consumers, but also to play a great role in promoting energy conservation and emission reduction.

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