What are the traditional grain dryers in China?

- May 07, 2019 -

Grain dryer is to reduce the moisture content in grain. The removal of moisture in grain depends on vaporization, and the drying process is to vaporize the moisture in grain. The existing drying methods all use a medium to contact with grain. The commonly used drying media are air, heated air, flue gas and air mixture, etc. These media take away moisture when they contact with grain to achieve the purpose of drying grain. Usually this process can be divided into four stages: preheating, water vaporization, soothing and cooling. Low temperature circulating grain dryer is the most common type in rice producing areas. The circulating grain dryer consists of heating device, automatic control device of grain temperature and main engine. The main frame structure includes drying box, timing grain discharging mechanism, conveying and stirring dragon, lifter, grain discharging device, suction fan, grain cleaning mechanism and transmission mechanism, etc.

< P > 2, tower column dryer

< P > This type of dryer is commonly used in farms and grain depots in northern China, mostly for drying wheat and maize. This dryer is equipped with an exhaust gas recovery device, which can increase the thermal efficiency by about 30%, and an automatic control device, which can control the hot air temperature and the end water content.

3. Cylindrical internal circulation grain dryer

Cylindrical internal circulation mobile dryer has simple structure, easy operation and can be moved. Tractors can be used for traction and power transmission of various working parts.

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