Beef Dryer Solves the Problem of Beef Jerky Processing

- May 07, 2019 -

In beef processing, drying is the process of making the end, after drying, packaging and storage. The quality of drying determines the time of packaging and storage, so the choice of beef dryer should be cautious.

Generally speaking, beef jerky manufacturers have different flavor characteristics, such as spicy, spicy, curry and other different flavors of beef jerky. The conventional production process is basically the same, mostly: material selection, cooking, slicing, impregnation, cold drying, drying, packaging and other processes. The microwave dryer produced by our company can specially process and sterilize beef jerky, which can achieve the effect of direct packaging. In the use of beef dryer, attention should be paid to:

1. After beef jerky is soaked and dried, the general moisture content is about 35%. Direct microwave drying requires more power and equipment investment. From the point of view of economic benefit, water content should be controlled at about 20%, then microwave drying and sterilization should be sent.

P>2. Microwave engineering plastics should be used in containers for beef jerky. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to cleaning and disinfection.

P>3. In the case of large water content, it is suggested that microwave and hot air drying should be combined to achieve the best and effective drying efficiency.

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