Some Introduction about Flower Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

Flower dryer uses low temperature, strengthens circulation air and strong dehumidification for drying, which can ensure that honeysuckle natural color (green), full shape, high efficacy, no loss of nutrients, high degree of automation, no need for special care, drying process is completely controlled by micro-computer.

Flowers with different opening degree and picking time have different yield and quality, and are not easy to be preserved for a long time after picking. They must be processed in time, otherwise their quality will be affected or even deteriorated. The processing of dried buds solves this problem. The dried buds are convenient for long-distance transportation and storage, as well as for further processing. Flower dryer has the following characteristics:

1. Hot air is closed and circulated in the dryer, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving.

P>2, forced circulation, so that the temperature difference between upper and lower in the dryer is small.

P>3. Air temperature and humidity of dryer can be controlled automatically to ensure proper temperature and humidity for drying.

4, automatic control of drying time, truly realize automatic management.

5, using 50-70 degree relative low temperature drying, after drying, high quality, non-cracking, good color, good nutritional elements.

6. The machine has low noise, smooth operation and low running cost.

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