The importance of bamboo shoot dryer in bamboo shoot drying process!

- May 07, 2019 -

How to make bamboo shoot drying? In the process of bamboo shoot drying, we have to go through multi-layer processing technology, such as shelling, cooking (killing green), pressing, drying, packaging and so on. Here we have to make a detailed introduction to the bamboo shoot drying technology, especially some basic information of tube bamboo shoot dryer.

P>Bamboo shoots can be dried or dried

P>sun-dried: Spread the bamboo shoots on the mat on sunny days for sunshine. But to turn regularly, when 90% of the bamboo shoots are dried, the bamboo shoots are laid on the top and the tail of the board, laminated and laminated, then covered with wooden boards and added weights to make them naturally moist and flattened, and then dried completely for 3-5 days (during which the bamboo shoots should be dried in rainy days to avoid mildew and deterioration)

< P> drying: there is a special bamboo shoot dryer on the market, users can according to their daily processing capacity. To choose a suitable dryer. The bamboo shoot dryer can be dried at low temperature without destroying the molecular structure of the bamboo shoot, and the taste is very good after drying. Bamboo shoot dryer can be widely used in chemical, food, medicine, building materials, electronics and other industries. It is especially suitable for the drying of flaky, strip and granular materials with good air permeability. It can also be used for the drying of filter cake and paste materials. It can also be formed by granulator or extruder. There are two ways to distinguish whether the bamboo shoots are dry or not. One is to select a large cut for the dried bamboo shoots. If the light red in the middle is eliminated, the whole color is uniform. It shows that the bamboo shoots have been dried, and the second is dried bamboo shoots. If the thick part of the bamboo shoots is pressed with thumb, the bamboo shoots feel hard, it means that they have been dried.

Finally about classification, packaging and storage: According to the size, length, tenderness and color of dried bamboo shoots, the bamboo shoots are divided into three grades, sealed with double-layer plastic film, placed in cartons or bamboo baskets around them, and stored in dry and ventilated warehouses.

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