Product introduction of agricultural by-product dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

The dryer of agricultural by-products produced by our company adopts relatively low temperature and strengthens circulating air to dry the oven at constant temperature. It has high automation and does not need special supervision. The temperature and humidity can be adjusted according to the user's own, and it will be dried in the shortest time under the premise of ensuring that the natural color and nutritional ingredients are not destroyed. The dryer of agricultural and sideline products in our company has the following characteristics:

1. Hot air is closed and circulated in the drying oven with high thermal efficiency and energy saving.

P>2, forced circulation, so that the temperature difference between upper and lower in the oven is small.

3. Drying oven air temperature and humidity control to ensure the appropriate temperature and humidity required for drying (including automatic heating, automatic moisture exhaust system, automatic circulating air system).

4, automatic control of drying time, truly realize automatic management.

5, using 35-65 degree relative low-temperature drying, dried mushrooms, cucumber slices, beans and other vegetables with high quality, non-cracking, good color, good nutritional elements, good rehydration.

6. The machine has low noise, smooth operation and low running cost.

P>7. The dryer for agricultural and sideline products has the function of over-temperature automatic power-off, which is the best choice for dryers.

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