Strengthening Technical Reform of Grain Dryer in China

- May 07, 2019 -

Grain dryer is an industrial drying equipment developed in recent years, mainly to solve the grain drying problems in China. Our country is a big grain producer. Grain has contributed to modern production from natural drying to industrial drying. But in the process of using grain dryer, continuous improvement is needed, such as strengthening the process of grain drying, ensuring the quality of grain after drying, reducing the energy consumption and drying cost of grain dryer. Then what kind of problems do our grain dryers face?

P>1. The production capacity of grain dryers is larger.

2. To reduce the moisture content of high-moisture grain to safety standard at one time, the precipitation should be more than 10% at one time. For this reason, there are two ways to choose: combining multiple grain dryers in series, but requiring large investment in capital construction; and designing high-efficiency grain circulating dryers.

P>3. Mechanized or semi-automated grain dryer for grain drying process.

P>4. High temperature and rapid drying treatment of large quantities of high moisture grain.

P>5. The main direction is to study the dryer with non-polluted coal combustion as drying medium.

6. Rural grain dryer will be multi-functional, compact, flexible, easy to operate, low-cost, and can ensure the quality of grain after supply.

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