Several factors to be considered before dryer selection

- May 07, 2019 -

Drying is one of the indispensable links in China's industrial processing industry. Because there are many kinds of wet materials and different drying characteristics in the drying process, different types of drying methods and equipment are needed. There are many kinds of drying machines in China, so we must consider clearly before selecting the equipment. Economy and applicability of equipment are very important!

< > Generally speaking, the drying process for materials usually depends on the properties and drying characteristics of materials, which mainly includes four factors: (1) the shape of materials

(1) the shape of materials

the shape of materials can be said to be the primary factor to be taken into account, from the shape of wood, ceramics products and sheet, fibrous, granular, fine powder to paste and liquid materials, all need to be dried in industry. Materials. The physical properties of

(2) materials include density, bulk density, particle size distribution, heat capacity and adhesion properties of materials. Adhesion performance has a great impact on the work of feeding and discharging materials and some types of dryers. When the adhesion is serious, the drying process can not be carried out.

(3) The characteristics of materials in drying process

include heat sensitivity. Some materials will discolor and decompose and deteriorate after being heated. In addition, shrinkage of materials during drying will cause cracking or deformation of formed products, which will reduce the quality of products or even scrap them.

(4) The state of the combination of material and water

determines the degree of difficulty in drying, the level of energy consumption and the length of residence time required in the dryer, which is closely related to the type selection. For example, the main reason for refractory materials is to give longer residence time, rather than to strengthen the external conditions of drying.

Of course, this is just some analysis of the material characteristics before buying the dryer. When choosing the type, the buyer will have some other questions, such as how much a dryer costs, the processing capacity of the dryer for one hour, the area occupied by the dryer, the heat source of the dryer and so on.

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