Effect of Microwave Drying on the Quality of Tea Beverage during Processing

- May 07, 2019 -

Microwave drying has obvious effect on improving the storage resistance of Oolong tea beverage. After storage, the content of polyphenols and soluble protein decreased slightly more than that of traditional drying, but the difference was not obvious. After 90 days storage, the relative reduction of amino acid, soluble sugar and caffeine was significantly lower than that of traditional drying.

Existing studies have shown that during the process of tea drying and heating, due to hydrothermal effects, a series of changes have taken place in tea components, such as changes in catechin composition, Caramel reaction between amino acids and sugar, and changes in aroma components. During this period, the total amount of polyphenols did not change significantly, but the composition of catechins was changing. The conversion of ester catechins and simple catechins was different, and the composition of catechins played an important role in the quality of tea. Therefore, the effects of different drying techniques on the composition of catechins in single cluster need to be further studied.

During the storage of beverages, due to the complexation of polyphenols with caffeine, there are changes in the composition of catechins as well as changes in production. This change will have an important impact on the taste of beverages. During the storage process, whether the ratio of ester catechins to simple catechins changes over time remains to be further studied.

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