Industrial vacuum microwave drying technology has a wide range of applications

- May 07, 2019 -

At present, microwave drying technology has been widely used in the field of pharmaceutical and chemical industry at home and abroad, especially in the processing of traditional Chinese medicine, drying and sterilization of traditional Chinese medicine, extraction of traditional Chinese medicine and other aspects, showing strong advantages, but it is rare to apply microwave technology as a new technology of social production to the study of traditional Chinese medicine powder. Microwave vacuum drying is an advanced technology. In recent years, with the rapid development of the application of computer technology, microwave vacuum drying can not only realize the automation of operation procedures, but also optimize the real-time control of power supply system, giving full play to the characteristics of rapid adjustment of microwave power, inertia-free and easy to control in real time. With the support of some advanced software, it can realize visualization, man-machine dialogue, on-line display of temperature, pressure and material weight, and realize real-time monitoring, which greatly facilitates the experimental research. Therefore, strengthening the theoretical and practical application research in this area can promote the wide application of microwave vacuum drying technology. It can be believed that microwave vacuum drying technology will be widely used in the processing and drying of Chinese medicinal materials with the continuous improvement of computer automatic monitoring and control level of microwave vacuum drying equipment. According to the characteristics of microwave vacuum drying, microwave drying is mainly used to improve the drying ability (quickly remove moisture without producing temperature gradient inside the material) or to remove several percentage points of moisture which takes a long time to come out in the later stage of drying. By studying the organic combination of microwave vacuum drying and other existing drying technologies, and giving full play to the advantages of various drying technologies, we can achieve the goal of ensuring product quality and reducing energy consumption. Microwave vacuum drying technology is very suitable for the drying production of Chinese medicinal materials, but there are still many practical problems in its practical application. As an efficient drying method, microwave vacuum drying technology has not been widely used for a long time. Although many researchers have done a lot of research on the drying mechanism of microwave drying and the drying characteristics of various materials, they are limited to the laboratory scale. Many experimental data come from household microwave ovens, which can be used in actual production is very little. Moreover, the microwave drying characteristics of different materials are also different, and the study of many physical properties affected by microwave is not deep enough. The on-line measurement of microwave heating is still scarce and far from meeting its practical needs. Because the microwave vacuum drying process is carried out in a completely enclosed space, the on-line detection of microwave test is more difficult, because microwave will interfere with the on-line data of electronic transmission and make the reading unstable. It is very difficult for us to obtain a large number of experimental data of different Chinese herbal medicines under microwave vacuum drying. We need to do a lot of solid work in this respect.

P>New product development and application of equipment are out of line. Because the design of microwave vacuum drying equipment is based on the theory of electromagnetic wave transmission, technicians engaged in equipment design generally do not understand the processing technology and particularity of traditional Chinese medicines, and the experience accumulated by food researchers in the processing of conventional agricultural products can not be completely transplanted into the microwave heating system of traditional Chinese medicines. The combination of the two needs a certain time, which is one of the main reasons that the microwave vacuum drying technology can not be rapidly promoted in the processing and drying of Chinese medicinal materials. At present, the structure of microwave vacuum drying equipment at home and abroad is relatively monotonous, and the technical performance still needs to be improved. The performance of drying equipment, especially the ability of automatic monitoring and automatic control, needs to be improved urgently, which is another main reason why microwave vacuum drying technology can not be widely used in the production of Chinese medicinal materials. Microwave vacuum drying technology has the advantages of low drying temperature, fast drying speed, high drying efficiency, good drying quality, strong adaptability to drying materials and sterilization function. Under certain vacuum, it can ensure the whole drying process of wet materials to be dried at a set low temperature. It is an effective, practical, potential and promising new drying technology. It is suitable for the production of Chinese patent medicine, a special industry with high drying requirements. Microwave vacuum drying technology, as a new high-tech, opens up a new way for drying Chinese medicinal materials with its unique heating characteristics and drying mechanism. This technology will continue to combine with other drying technologies while improving its own technical methods and equipment, and will develop in a broader and deeper direction, with a very broad application prospect.

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