Brief Introduction of Microwave Drying Equipment for Pepper Products Processing

- May 07, 2019 -

There are many products about chilli on the market, such as chilli powder and chilli sauce. In the processing technology of chilli products, microwave drying equipment has impacted the status of condiment processing equipment in China. Microwave drying equipment can not only remove water from pepper, but also sterilize pepper products, which is more in line with food processing technology. Microwave food drying equipment gradually eliminated the backward condiment production process; in order to adapt to the trend of development, more and more powder condiment enterprises have replaced new microwave drying equipment. What unique advantages does

have for the new microwave food drying equipment?

1. Microwave time is short, high efficiency and energy saving. Microwave heating sterilization is a process in which the heated object itself becomes a heat source without heat conduction. Microwave penetrates the inside and outside of the object from all sides, and makes the object heat and sterilize uniformly in a very short time, which greatly shortens the drying sterilizing time and thus improves the output.

P>2. Microwave equipment is easy to control and advanced technology. Compared with the conventional method, the equipment is ready to use; there is no thermal inertia, flexible and convenient operation; microwave power can be adjusted, transmission speed can be adjusted. In microwave heating drying and sterilization, there is no waste water, waste gas and waste residue to improve the working environment of the workshop.

P>3.The bactericidal effect is good. Practice has proved that microwave sterilization can kill all E. coli at 70 C. The total number of E. coli at 80 90 C is greatly reduced, and the time is only 2 8 minutes. Because of its fast speed and short time, it can keep the nutrients, traditional flavor and prolong the shelf life of products.

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