An Overview of the Production Line of Industrial Microwave Sintering Equipment

- May 07, 2019 -

The production line of industrial microwave sintering equipment in China is widely applicable to calcination, roasting, synthesis, sintering and high temperature heat treatment of various materials in various atmospheres. The production line of industrial microwave sintering equipment adopts standard and special high-efficiency microwave transmission system, and carries out scientific cavity design combined with heating process requirements, so that microwave energy can be best coupled with materials to ensure uniform and stable temperature field of materials and the highest efficiency of microwave utilization. Scientific distribution of microwave power and accurate temperature control curve can achieve remarkable "high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection". Features:

P>1, good consistency of material processing or high yield of finished products, marked improvement of overall quality;

2, greatly shortened process cycle and doubled production efficiency;

3, power saving rate over 40%;

4, high automation, safety, sanitation, comfort, easy maintenance and cost-effective. Main performance and technical parameters of industrial microwave sintering equipment production line:

P>P>1, tailored to customer's needs;

P>2, maximum sintering temperature of materials: 1600 C (note: microwave sintering temperature is usually 50-200 C lower than conventional sintering temperature);

3, microwave frequency: 2.45GHz+25MHz; touch screen display and control, with automatic and manual dual operation functions;

4, high precision is adopted. Infrared thermocouple thermometer, oxygen partial pressure measuring instrument and micro-manometer are used to measure the temperature, oxygen partial pressure and total pressure inside the kiln and control them accurately in the whole process;

5, inflatable atmosphere: air/oxygen/nitrogen/inert gas/mixed gas (containing weak reducing gas);

P>Main application fields of industrial microwave sintering equipment production line:

1, various kinds of gold It belongs to the firing of carbides, nitrides and oxides;

P>2, sintering of powder metallurgical materials; firing of electronic ceramics and ferrites magnetic materials;

3, firing of advanced structural ceramics; roasting of molecular sieve catalytic materials;

4, firing of lithium ion battery cathode and cathode materials;

5, firing of rare earth fluorescent materials;

6, reducing roasting of synthetic diamond raw materials.

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