Build Industrial Microwave Equipment with Heart and Benefit Society

- May 07, 2019 -

Henan is a high-tech enterprise in Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, which aims at microwave technology research and development. Its main products are microwave dryer, continuous microwave sintering kiln and a series of high-end industrial microwave equipment. Recently, customers often consult us on the Internet about honeysuckle dryer. Today, we will talk about some information about microwave honeysuckle dryer.

Our company's driers on flowers are mostly microwave drying, microwave has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which is deeply trusted by customers. A small microwave honeysuckle dryer can satisfy some flower growers'annual production. If the customer requests the bud to be shaped and coloured, the combination of microwave drying and hot air drying can be used, and the multi-layer continuous drying of materials can be used to keep the original color of the bud. At the same time, for some agricultural cooperatives, a continuous honeysuckle dryer is designed, which can satisfy mass production. Microwave heating directly the inside and outside of honeysuckle at the same time, without preheating, it can be processed on start. In traditional production, there must be a preheating process. Microwave green-killing drying is the electromagnetic wave produced by magnetron uniformly irradiated on honeysuckle, heating inside and outside at the same time, no coke leaves, edges, debris, etc. The product quality is good. Because the surface temperature of honeysuckle is not too high, the chlorophyll changes little, the color is green and durable, the loss of aroma is less, and the drying is even.

Honeysuckle microwave dryer reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency: Microwave Honeysuckle dryer adopts automatic feeding and discharging. Operators only need to press buttons, monitor equipment operation and inspect the degree of green-killing of flowers. Only 1-2 people are needed to finish green-killing and drying.

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