Water Treatment Technology of Microwave Equipment

- May 07, 2019 -

In recent years, microwave equipment has opened up another channel for water treatment. After long-term experiments, it has been successfully applied in many industrial wastewater treatment projects. The microwave water treatment process has the same scale but occupies only 1/6 of the traditional process area.

At present, most of the municipal domestic sewage treatment plants built in China are using traditional biological treatment processes, such as A2O, SBR, oxidation ditch or the improved process of these biological processes, regardless of the treatment scale. Although the current traditional technology can basically meet the requirements of the relevant national discharge standards, the author believes that with the fierce competition in the water market and the shortage of land resources, the excessive occupation of land, the long construction period, the bloated operation institutions, the excessive investment and the poor adaptability to the fluctuation of water quality and quantity of water have made the traditional technology far away from China as soon as possible. Requirements for good water environment.

Microwave equipment water treatment process: After simple pretreatment, organic matter in municipal domestic sewage, under the combined action of sensitizer and microwave, undergoes drastic catalytic and physicochemical reactions, and converts into insoluble substances or gases, which are separated from water. Molecular chains of organic pollutants in water were broken down under microwave catalysis, and decomposed into small molecules and combined with sensitizers to form fast-settling flocs to be removed; metal ions were directly combined with sensitizers to form fast-settling flocs to precipitate; ammonia nitrogen was converted into ammonia and escaped, when the concentration exceeded the standard, it could be absorbed and removed by subsequent absorption devices; phosphorus in water was converted into insoluble phosphate precipitation.

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