How to Select Transmission Device for Continuous Microwave Equipment

- May 07, 2019 -

Continuous microwave equipment transports materials through conveyor belts, and microwave acts on the material area to heat the materials so as to achieve different effects and requirements such as drying, sterilization, expansion, defrosting, heating and thawing. How to choose different material transmission devices?

First microwave is selective heating, so the transmission device can not contain it. Polar molecules, otherwise, will be damaged if the temperature rises greatly under the action of microwave. Conveyor belt, as the main component of continuous production, needs to pass through the microwave magnetic field periodically, so the material selection usually chooses PTFE fabric or polypropylene chain plate conveyor belt.

PTFE conveyor belt (cloth and mesh) has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high usage rate in microwave equipment, and can choose various thickness and mesh size according to the shape of the material. The conveyor belt of this material has a high usage rate and can basically be applied to powder, granular and lighter materials. But the disadvantage is that the tension resistance is not as good as the chain plate, and it is easy to run away, damage and elongate when used for a long time. The advantages of

polypropylene chain plate transmission are strong pulling force, no deviation during operation, simple maintenance, low wear rate and long-term use. The disadvantage is that it can not withstand temperature. Material temperature over 110 degrees will accelerate aging, deformation and damage, and because the chain plate is spliced, there are gaps between the chains that can not be made of powder or small particles.

Teflon cloth and chain board have their respective application areas. Customers can choose different transmission devices according to their own material characteristics when choosing equipment.

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