Advantages of Microwave Sintering of Magnetite Material

- May 07, 2019 -

In industry, the age of microwave equipment sintering has come. Sintering nickel-zinc soft magnetic ferrite materials with microwave and microwave high temperature sintering equipment not only reduces energy consumption, but also breaks the conventional firing method and ensures safety in production.

After long-term microwave sintering experiments by experts, the frequency characteristic curves of different grades of manganese-zinc soft magnetic ferrite materials in microwave sintering equipment are drawn. Compared with traditional sintering furnace, the same proportion can obtain better high frequency characteristics. However, the microwave high temperature sintered gyromagnetic ferrite material has lower loss and better performance under the condition of unchanged formula. The advantages of microwave sintering equipment can be seen from the experimental tests of three major magnetic ferrite materials:

1, greatly reducing energy consumption, energy saving up to 70-90%

<2, shortening sintering time up to 50%;

3, significantly improving the density of the structure, refining the grain size and improving the properties of the material;

4, precise and controllable process. The product has good consistency and stable quality.

After a long period of research and development in the field of microwave sintering in Henan Province, especially in the field of industrial 915MHZ microwave energy, sintering experiments of various industrial materials have been successful, especially the sintering of magnetite materials, which has unique advantages!

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