Some Existing Problems in Industrialized Application of Microwave Sintering Technology

- May 07, 2019 -

Microwave equipment itself has been the main problem restricting the industrialization of microwave sintering technology. At present, the maximum sintering temperature of microwave sintering equipment can reach 1700 C, and the operating frequencies are 28GHz, 60GHz, 2.4 GHHz and 915 MHz, respectively. Because the cost of microwave sintering equipment with 28GHz and 60GHz is too high, it can not be industrialized for the time being. With the development of microwave sintering technology and the expansion of sintering materials, the modular design of microwave equipment should be paid more attention. At present, there are still some problems to be solved in the industrial application of microwave, such as the acquisition of larger uniform microwave field, the heating of low dielectric loss materials between room temperature and critical temperature, the penetration ability of microwave in raw materials, and the heating depth of raw materials. The service life of

microwave tubes in different lining materials and the coupling of multiple groups of microwave tubes in large-scale production are also worthy of further study. In addition, the difficulties hindering the practical application of this technology include the limitations of sintering materials, thermal runaway in heating process, difficult to accurately measure and control temperature, cracking of sintered parts and low sintering output. It is the basis of expanding the types of sintered materials and the application scope of microwave sintering technology to study the mechanism of microwave sintering as soon as possible. The hysteresis loss characteristics of each material are related to microwave frequency, temperature, density of material itself, impurity content and other factors. Therefore, it is necessary to find a better microwave frequency band coupled with specific material and microwave and to find out its variation law with various parameters as soon as possible.

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