Application of High Temperature Technology of Microwave Equipment in Industrial Production

- May 07, 2019 -

High temperature technology of microwave equipment has been widely used in high temperature production of industry. Microwave sintering technology has been applied in metallurgical materials, ceramics products and small electric ceramics products. Today we will discuss the application scope of microwave high temperature. Application of Microwave High Temperature Sintering in the Production and Processing of Boron Carbide Ceramic Armor Material. The flexural strength of SiC/BC composite ceramics with high compactness

can reach 500-600 MPa even at high temperatures of about 1400 degrees C. The microwave high temperature equipment developed by our company produces SiC/BC composite special ceramics with small specific gravity, high hardness, high modulus and impact resistance. Application of Microwave High Temperature Sintering in the Production of High Temperature Resistant, High Strength and High Toughness Ceramics.

Zirconia toughened ceramics have made great progress in the research of structural ceramics. In addition to stable zirconia, oxidized ceramics such as alumina, thorium oxide, spinel and mullite are common materials toughened by zirconia. Microwave high temperature equipment can produce various oxide special structural ceramics in large quantities at lower cost. Application of Microwave High Temperature Sintering in the Production of Transparent Ceramics with High Temperature and Corrosion Resistance. The composition of modern electric light source requires high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and light transmittance of materials. The overall light transmittance and mechanical properties of alumina and aluminium nitride transparent ceramics produced by the company by microwave sintering are better than those produced by traditional methods. It is applied to all kinds of high temperature optical windows, probes and lamps.

P>Microwave high temperature sintering technology can save more than 50% energy than traditional kiln, greatly reduce the production cost, and also shorten the product sintering time by 50%. Because microwave is not limited by the shape and size of the object, the object is uniformly heated, and the qualified sintering rate of ceramic products is increased from 70% to 99%.

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